New Tata Aria 2012 Review

The new Tata Aria 2012 serves the purpose of a large sedan, while offering the practicality of a SUV.

Sneak Peak at New Aria 2012 Edition.

Aria is the first car from the brand to target the crossover segment and introduced as India’s first 4-wheel drive crossover.

It is offered in 4 variants-

  • Pure,
  • Pleasure,
  • Prestige, and
  • Pride


Being a crossover, it has the features of both a sedan and an SUV along with host of luxury amenities.

Moreover, it has the appearance of a sedan and advanced stylish features of an SUV; the seven-seat premium crossover is designed on roadster concept.

It captures all possible attributes in every aspect that makes it one of the most capacious, comfortable, and cool designed crossover. It has got the potential to become a stiff competition for other MUVs and SUVs, including Toyota Innova, Chevrolet Captiva, Maruti Grand Vitara, Toyota Fortuner, and Honda CR-V.

Inside the Cabin

Its cabin is spacious; seems as though Tata is following the concept of Hyundai Motors to offer more for less and it has stepped a foot forward, especially in the Indian market.

The center stack houses the navigation system, and climate control, but their scattered position looks like they have been added as late addition by designers. A LCD screen has been fitted in the center of the dashboard that displays navigation tools and GPS, and this undoubtedly is the best part of new edition.

Under the Hood

It is powered by a 2.2-L 2179cc, four-cylinder DICOR engine that delivers 140PS at 4,000 rpm and 320 Nm at 1,700-2,700 rpm.

The engine is refined with optimized rubber mounts, better acoustic package, aluminum cast sump, dual mass fly-wheel to reduce the unwanted noise, and vibration, enhancing overall performance of engine.

Acceleration and Pickup

Like Safari, there’s plenty of power and acceleration and Safari’s 2.2-L engine in Aria has increased the torque level.

The vehicle is able to reach 100kmph in a time span of 14 seconds and its top speed is 162kmph.

The Bottom Line

The five-door crossover has abundant head-and-leg-room for all the passengers, but on the flip side, it has less legroom at third row seat.

The base price of the new Tata Aria 2012 is INR 11lakhs, while the price of the range-topping Pride edition is 16 lakhs.

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